“Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you.” ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1855-1919, Poet and Journalist 

Just like a boomerang curves in the air and comes back to you, whatever you “throw” out to the world will circle round and land back at your feet. If you smile at someone, in most cases, they smile back, and if you’re kind to people, they’re usually kind in return. This also works in the other direction. If you complain to someone, they will share their complaints with you; if you get angry at someone, they will get angry with you. Some things come back right away and some things take time. Nevertheless, you have a choice about what you want to come to you, or what change you want to effect.


Another way to view this is to think in terms of the Ripple Effect: when you drop a pebble in a pond, it ripples out over the water effecting widespread change. The waves then hit the shore and come back to you in an even wider pattern.

This means that givers gain! If you want more joy and happiness, bring happiness into someone else’s life and watch happiness come back to you instantly. Need Money? Give some away; give from your heart and connect with a feeling of abundance while doing so. If you give from the space of feeling guilty or think, “I really should give even though I don’t want to” you continue to create more guilt and feelings of being deprived. Bless your bills and be thankful that you can pay them. Spiritual leaders and financially successful people have been telling us this for eons, but we’re afraid to believe it.

What you put out comes back. Yes, you will have bad days so don’t stress over the occasional bout with the blues or a dark mood. It’s your overall generous attitude that will win in the end. But if you gossip, complain and share a lot of misery on a regular basis, you will amplify the presence of these things in your life and openly invite them to come back to you. In actuality, you will get more than what you share with the world.

Principle of Giving – Happy people get happier and unhappy, negative people get more and more unhappy. If you plant one seed, you don’t just get one back. You get hundreds – maybe even thousands! Try it today and see if it works. 

Tips: Plan and intend on being of service today. Be genuine and come from your heart. Put your whole focus on “How can I help?” instead of “What might I get out of this” because you will experience rewards from being loving and considerate of others. Some of the rewards are immediate and can be seen or felt right away; and some are off in the distance heading toward you, so be patient and trust that your good deeds will bring rewards.

Question: Ask Yourself, How can I give today? What can I do to brighten someone else’s day? 

Affirm: My positive, giving actions make a difference in the world and in my life

Try This: Look for ways to offer acts of kindness. Your action can be as simple as offering a smile, holding a door for someone carrying a heavy load of shopping bags, or letting someone merge in front of you in traffic. No action is too small so don’t underestimate the exponential ripple effect of a positive, giving gesture.

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