“Your past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”
~ Marilyn Ferguson, writer

Did you know that the ‘self-help movement’ began in America in the late 1800s? The first self-help book ever published was entitled, appropriately enough, Self-Help. Written in 1859 by author Samuel Smiles, this book was a revolutionary text that encouraged readers to help themselves in life and not wait for life to come to them. Since then, we’ve learned that both are true; a good life will come to you when you help yourself and practice the principles of attraction.

No matter how you feel about self-help texts, their popularity can’t be denied. Every major bookstore has entire sections devoted to them and online resources number in the thousands. And what self-help book doesn’t touch on the principle of positive affirmations? The reason that so much has been written about the power of affirmative thought is because it works, and here’s why: the Law of Attraction says, whatever you focus on grows and you become what you think you are. And affirmations work even better when you say them as if you believe them to be true.

We All Have Bad Days

Have you ever gotten out on the wrong side of the bed in the morning, only to have the day go downhill from there? You spill coffee on your newspaper, get toothpaste on your tie, miss your train, forget your meeting notes at home, and lose the keys to your office all before 9:00 am. This is because, whatever you give thought energy to, you give power to. It is you that sets off this entire series of unfortunate events, and by putting your ever-increasing energy into feeling rushed and frantic, you perpetuate more opportunities to be rushed and frantic. Yes, we all have bad days and you can’t expect to gain self-mastery overnight so go easy on yourself. But do remember, you can lessen the impact that a bad day has.

It doesn’t really matter that you have toothpaste on your tie all day; it’s how you react to it being there. Whenever you put emotional energy behind a thought, you amplify the power of it even further. A passing pessimistic thought without much emotion can easily be overcome by a positive thought that you pour your heart into. If you laugh at yourself and let frustrations roll off your back, like water off a duck, then almost any inconvenience becomes no big deal. If you hook into feelings of anger and upset, then you can make a big deal out of minor occurrences — and on and on it goes with the major life events too.

Life is Good if You Say So

I encourage you to police those self-effacing thoughts and stop yourself before you spiral down deep into the pity-pot. Whenever I find myself there, I remind myself to quickly replace those attack thoughts with far more supportive, life affirming ones.

If you believe life is good, then life is good. If you believe that life is hard, life is hard. Pessimistic and negative affirmations attract more negative experiences. But when you affirm often, “All is well in my abundant world,” you open up a continuous and steady flow of good things coming to you. Remember, even if your results come about a little differently than you imagined, or show up in a form other than what was planned, you will still enjoy the essence of them.

Affirmations Change Your Internal Vibration

Here is another way to understand the vibrational nature of things with regards to affirmations. It might sound silly, but bear with me. Because I’m not a physical scientist or someone who can tell you exactly how electrons move within atoms, it’s the best I’ve got! Think of a glass of water. Imagine this water as being in a neutral state, carrying a specific speed of vibration within its molecules. When the water get cold enough, its vibration slows down and it becomes ice; when the water gets hot enough, the vibration speeds up and it becomes steam. But ice, water and steam are all the same thing, just vibrating at different rates. When you change the vibration, you change the form! Just like your physical body (which consists mainly of water) has a certain, slower vibration, giving you solid mass, so too do your thoughts and feelings vibrate. And so too does your spirit or field of energy vibrate, perhaps more rapidly than your physical form.

Why this analogy is helpful is this: there are certain things you can do internally to emit a more abundant vibration which will therefore attract prosperous results and phenomenal people. Think of positive affirmations as emitting rapid, lighter, higher vibrations, and negative self-talk as carrying slower, heavier, lower vibrations. Positive affirmations such as “I am healthy, happy, courageous and strong,” are empowering thoughts. These translate into feelings of happiness, self-forgiveness, sureness, and excitement which vibrate at a higher rate, bringing ‘higher’ peak experiences about.

It makes sense too, that your affirmations will literally effect your physical body. Elevated thoughts can elevate your body’s vibration. Heavy, broken bodies are a result of heavy, broken affirmations, or discordant feelings. I have witnessed this firsthand! During the time I worked for a personal growth seminar company, I saw people’s physical appearance change dramatically. Some people were nearly unrecognizable in body and spirit after spending a week in an intensive seminar designed to help them break through and shift self-limiting internal dialogue into positive affirmations.

Principle of Affirmation: You create your life, however you choose it to be

Tips: Success, happiness, prosperity, love and joy are all part of your natural state, but you can explore and experience negativity if you choose, however unnatural. Nature flows with effortless ease so when you affirm your true nature, your life flows with greater ease and far less effort too. Consider the definition of ‘positive’ seen below. I’m struck by how many world-renown leaders such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, the Dali Lama, FDR and Churchill among many others, have used similar words to describe the nature of the human spirit.

Webster’s Definition of Positive – definite, unequivocal, clear, unmistakable, resolute, certain, inarguable, incontestable, indisputable, sure and confident, absolute, genuine, perfect

Question: Are you choosing to affirm the positive truth about you?

Affirm: Affirm, with feeling, “My life is unfolding in perfect order. I am safe and protected. Everything is happening to support my highest good, even better than I imagined.” “My life is moving forward in serenity and peace, with more fun and laughter, and with relaxation and abundance! I am seeing all of my dreams coming true.”

One of my favorite affirmations is something my husband, David, says after I’ve had a rough day, “Everything is going to be just fine.” I like practical affirmations a lot, like this, “I can do it.” or this, “We’ll get it to work out.”

Try This:  If something upsetting happens today, use it as an opportunity to practice neutrality or being positive. Envision yourself unhooking or unplugging from the stress, and simply let your tension disappear.

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