“The purpose of life is to recreate yourself anew in the highest version of the grandest vision you ever had about yourself.  Challenge your present way of thinking and move into a grander and larger experience of who you really are.”
~Neale Donald Walsch, author of Conversations with God

Yes, you are human, but you are also so much more. In truth you are a perfect spiritual being having a human experience, encountering life in the world of form. That sounds really great, even poetic and magical, but life can be hard anyway. Let’s face it, we all experience the imperfections that come with the territory of being human. Oftentimes, we feel like tremendously limited, ordinary people who enjoy occasional moments of spirituality. It’s certainly not easy to practice spotless ways of living all the time so we’re sure to slip up and have days when our attitude is more than a little self-defeating. And that’s okay.

My good friend Marla Mitchell is a wonderfully gifted spiritual mentor and healer. In one of my weaker moments she said to me, “Don’t worry about being perfect here. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunities to be perfect in heaven. Down here on planet earth we learn lessons, we grow, and we try to forgive ourselves and others as we strive to love each other unconditionally. That’s what it’s all about. We’re humans trying to remember who we are in spirit and practice spirituality despite all the distractions that aren’t present in heaven.” It can be overwhelming to say the least.

Some of my teachers have said, “You are not a body, you merely live in a body.” Okay, you have my attention now, but what does that mean? It means you are both mortal and eternal, and you have an existence far beyond your personality, your ego, your self-appointed identity, and even your own mortality.

Principle of Right Perspective – Yes, you are human and you are so much more than your physical existence too.

“Your Inner Being feels no limit. So, anything that feels like limits is something that you have self-imposed.”

Tips: Lighten up! Don’t try to be perfect, it’s too much pressure. Simply accept the fact that you are wonderful and there are mysterious things about you that you don’t fully understand – but you’re still learning. Maybe you’re far greater than you think you are, and you’re slowly waking up to a greater truth. In the meantime, being human doesn’t have to be such a serious matter. Laugh at yourself, be patient and let yourself be a person too.

Question: Are you being too hard on yourself?

Affirm: “I am okay and acceptable.” “I am becoming more and more aware of how capable and wonderful I really am.” “I allow myself to shine.”

Try this: Just for today, stop beating yourself up and put the hammer away.

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