“The first step is asking. The second step is that Source responds and answers. The third step is allowing it to be.”
~ Abraham-Hicks

Would you believe me if I said, “Your life is meant only to be prosperous and you’re meant only to be happy and free?” And what about this, “Abundance is waiting in the wings, eager to work its way into your experience?” That sounds really great and you might even want to believe me, but why then, aren’t you experiencing more of these realities in your life?

If you’ve ever thought, “What am I doing wrong? Why is it taking so long for my desires to manifest?” I would like to put your mind at ease. It’s not because you don’t deserve them or because fate is working against you. It’s not because you don’t want them badly enough, or you aren’t smart and talented enough. The reason you’re not manifesting your desires is because you’re holding yourself in a vibrational thought and feeling pattern that doesn’t match those of your desires. In essence, you are keeping the things you want at arms length.

For example, if you want more money, but you’re feeling frustrated with your finances, jealous of people who have money, or fearful about just barely getting by, you create a vibrational mismatch. The energy of abundance and the energy of jealousy, frustration or fear have vibrational patterns that aren’t in sync with one another. Abundance and wellbeing vibrate at a much higher frequency than the lower energetic patterns of these other resistant feelings. The resistance created by anger, for example, disallows the flow of abundance, even though abundance is lined up outside your door.

Here is another example, if you’ve ever persistently thought that other people are more or less important than you, you’re incorrect in your thinking. These mistaken thoughts are discordant with universal truths, which keeps you temporarily suspended in a state of disallowance, until you change your mind. Also, some things need more time to orchestrate themselves and come together for you. Getting tense and anxious while you’re waiting won’t help anything happen faster.

Resistant Thoughts and Feelings Block Your Desires

Whenever you feel peaceful, relaxed and calm, you increase the rate at which your desires can come to you. You don’t have to do anything; you simply allow yourself to feel good while you’re moving toward your goals. Whenever you feel frustrated or upset, you block your desires. In fact, the definition of frustrate is ‘to cancel, counteract, forestall, block, inhibit and negate.’

Sometimes life feels like a raging river and can be overwhelming. But don’t push against the torrential currents because you’ll only end up getting wet, beaten up, cold and tired. Be light like a leaf and go with the flow. You’ll get what you wish for when you finally drop your resistance and get out of your own way.

It’s true, part of the human condition is to have negative, abundance-blocking feelings. I’m no exception; actually, everyday I continue to work through my resistance and some days I do better than others. We all feel guilt, worry, agitation, and sadness; and it is okay. I encourage you to feel your feelings. In fact, it’s important to acknowledge them, express them and let them move through you. This is all part of your growth and healing. And your feelings work as your emotional guidance system which alerts you to when something is off so you can course correct. But when you habitually focus on the negative as your primary point of view, you block the flow of good. Just pick yourself up and brush yourself off after a bad day and remember that tomorrow is a new beginning.

Let Good Things Happen

If you want more abundance, be happy for those who have it. Allow abundance to be in the lives of others because when you cheer for other people, in every sense, you cheer for yourself. When you feel sure and confident that all is well and everything will be okay, and trust that abundance will readily flow through an open door, it will. And you automatically open the door when you return to your natural state of optimism and positive expectation.

You see, there will never be a shortage of good things that want to come to you. Fulfillment and well-being are always available to you. Could it really be as simple as being in the flow of good? Yes, it can be. And you can do it!

What it Feels Like to Be in the Flow

You’ll know you’re in a state of allowance when you feel peaceful, calm and expectant. You can gently and easily remind yourself to return to this natural state whenever you feel any discordant feelings of turmoil and unrest. Take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart-center and affirm, “I now return to my natural state of allowing things to be.”

Once you decide what you want, relax. Of course, it’s important to participate in your goals but you need to let them happen too. As you lower your inner resistance (anxiety, anger, guilt, frustration, fear, jealousy) and gradually undo your mistaken thoughts, you’ll begin to open up areas that have been stuck or closed off. Bit by bit and good feeling by good feeling, you’ll begin living with more prosperity, health, wealth, inner vibrancy and love.

Principle of Allowing – When you release resistant feelings and let things be as they are, you allow more fortuitous circumstances to move gracefully and easily into your life

Tips: Lower your resistant stance against the world. If your tendency is to argue, try not arguing. If your tendency is to power up and be a bully, try softening around the edges. If your tendency is to get upset and stressed out, remain calm and neutral today.

Question: In what part of your life do you get most frustrated these days? Who is pushing your buttons? How can you unhook from the stress and remain centered?

Affirm: “All is well in my world. My life is whole and complete and I always have enough.” “I am provided for and will always be cared for.”

Try This: Today, if you find yourself getting upset by the long line at the post office, or worse, the drive home is totally jammed up by traffic, tell yourself, “Relax and go with the flow. Stay in this place of well-being.”

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Principle of Receiving – When you receive, you are in a state of allowance

Tips: Most of us give easily, but often resist receiving; but resistance is resistance, no matter what form it takes. When you practice receiving, you continue the cycle of abundance. If you don’t allow yourself to receive, you block the flow of good, because you essentially say, “No, I can’t” Or, “No, I don’t want this.”

Affirm: “I open my arms today and receive my good!”

Question: Do you have a hard time receiving help from other people?

Try This: Just for today, receive a compliment with grace, let someone open a door for you or pay for your cup of coffee.  Allow support to be there for you, guilt free.

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