“A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before we changed.”~ Earl Nightingale, author

If you could walk into the store, Attitudes-R-Us and buy any attitude off the shelf to keep for life, happy-and-positive, calm-and-agreeable, or grumpy-and-crotchety for example, would you actually buy back your current predominant attitude or would you trade it in for a new one? If you can honestly say, “No, I’ll keep my attitude because it’s turning up really great results for me,” Good for you! If you say, “Yep, I’d like to trade in my anxious-and-tense attitude for the empowered-and-vibrant one,” I say, you really can.

The Law of Attraction helps us manifest by default even when we’re not making requests consciously. The Law itself is neutral. We can use it for favorable or unfavorable results, however we choose. If our thinking lapses and our attitude become negative because of fear or frustration, then what follows is the world adjusts to our new attitude. I’ve noticed on my grumpier days how grumpy the clerks at my local grocery store seem too; but when I’m feeling good, they too make eye contact, smile at me a lot more and even offer to carry my groceries to the car.

If we continue to perpetuate a state of negativity long enough, even our behavior becomes self-sabotaging, because action follows thought. Then, we have two things working against us: we begin to attract the negative things we think about, which will tempt us to think, “See I told you so, bad stuff always happens to me.” And, our attitude leads to poor decisions and damaging behavior, keeping us stuck in a negative cycle of events.

If you don’t like your attitude because it’s making life miserable, you really can change it. You patiently and lovingly do this thought by thought. It might take some work at first, but gradually your life will get better, and you will start to experience a steady onset of positive events. It’s always hardest to change any habit in the beginning, including your thinking habits. The beginning is when you must be consciously aware of your attitude the most. Plus, it’s easy to slide when there are no results to show for your efforts yet. However, it’s worth sticking with your new attitude long enough to see the gain.

Bad Habits Follow Attitudes that Go Unchecked

Some people have become habitual ‘takers’ or ‘martyrs’. We all know the person who seems to come around only when they want something. Takers mistakenly believe other people need to lose, or give something up, in order for them to gain so they send out an energetic vibration that supports losing. In essence takers affirm “There’s not enough for me” so they demand hand-outs and feel insecure unless they have someone to take from or depend on. ‘Not having enough’ becomes their predominant attitude. In the short-term, takers appear to gain but in the end they’ve hurt themselves more than anyone. Takers create more lack even though it temporarily appears like they’re gaining from the things people give them. But they could gain a lot more in terms of a self-empowered life if they dropped the attitude of not having enough, being needy, or of being more important than everyone else.

Martyrs lose because they believe they must put themselves last in order for others to go first. Don’t confuse being a martyr with being a giver. Martyr energy is heavy and self-righteous and perpetuates the vibration of “I’m not as important as everybody else” or “I’m not good enough unless I’m needed” or “Poor me.” What do we create more of when we come from this place? We create the feeling of being less important than everyone else, or of being a victim so we continue to turn up this reality in our lives. And we all deserve so much more than this.

Principle of Attitude – Your attitude is a directional force, helping you explore and discover more of what you’re looking for in the world — think of Tigger versus Eeyore in ‘Winnie the Pooh’

Tips: In reality, everyone can win because there is more than enough for each of us. Every wish is granted, and no one has won your prize. You’re not missing out on anything and more good is on the way to you. If you find yourself being a taker, complainer or martyr, simply stop, forgive yourself and correct your course. Remind yourself, “My good will never run out, there is always enough for me.” You’ll see a positive shift occur. Then, begin to notice the strange coincidences that happen to support you; and as you do this, you’ll notice even more.

Question: What attitude will help me create a good day, today?

Affirm:  “I can change my attitude at any time. It’s never too late to have a better life.”

Try This: Think of your attitude as a way of placing an order to the Universe just like you would place an order in a restaurant. Check in today to see if you really want what you’re asking for. If you get something you don’t want, say. “No thank you. I’m sending this back.” “Here is what I want instead…” and adjust your request accordingly. Know that your order will arrive at your table when you deliberately practice a good overall attitude.

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