What Is The Law of Attraction?


Are You Living a Good Life Now?

Manifesting Your Desires for Success, Health and Happiness With the Law of Attraction

We live in very exciting times to be sure. Ours is an era of explosive growth in information technologies as well as a time of spiritual awakening and personal transformation on a massive scale. Can you feel it too? We are at a place in history that is heralding a change in how we see ourselves. We are beginning to wake up and remember who we really are and what we are truly capable of. Have you noticed the wealth of information being shared about new discoveries in Quantum Physics, the power of our minds, and our inborn, natural abilities to manifest the lives we truly desire? Books, seminars and many talented scientists and thought-leaders in the field of human potential are emerging at an accelerated rate. The newest buzz in personal success circles is the Law of Attraction, and yet the principles within the law are as old as the hills and ancient as Time itself.  If you’ve ever thought, “I’ve got to get on this train and find out more!” you’ve come to the right place. This is how I feel too. Even as I learn about manifesting the life I truly desire, doing so takes awareness and practice and it seems like there’s so much more to know. But as the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

The Law of Attraction states that we become and attract what we think about. One of the most exciting discoveries in the field of Quantum Physics is the concept that our thoughts, words and feelings, and not just our actions, create our reality. This is a universal law that works even if we don’t understand or believe it. And it also means that we’ve been doing things backwards. A good life begins within us, not by our trying to control or fix things in the outside world. We are not victims to happenstance. We are more like magicians who have influence beyond our own awareness.

I learned about the Law of Attraction in the years leading up to the start of my coaching practice, which I established in 1998. When I first heard the statement, “To think is to create” in a seminar for personal growth, I thought “That sounds nice,” and passed it off as a confusing, yet neat little cliché on a banner hanging in the room. At the time, I didn’t fully understand the implications of those words. I have since come to appreciate how our thoughts, feelings and attitudes have a compound interest effect indeed, and cause even the smallest coincidences to occur in our daily lives.

You Can Have What You Desire and Deserve

To help us better understand the law as we go forward, I’d like to share the position in which the Law of Attraction is based. Quite simply, we live in a benevolent universe that can only support and fulfill our wishes and desires. We are the cause and creators of our reality and we get help in making it so. Do you remember the phrase, “Be careful about what you ask for, you might get it?” Well, there’s a whole lot of truth to that statement.

This is intriguing stuff because it means we really can have whatever we desire and deserve. Beyond that, life wants to give it to us. You see, there is no lack, no matter what our perception about lack is. But we’re allowed to experience the ‘reality’ of lack as long as we choose to think about it, and believe in scarcity, and until we choose otherwise. We are all connected to a boundless source of prosperity and to the eternal and unlimited power that gave us life, which we can never be separated from. I personally call this power God, but others call it source energy, the mind of spirit, Great Spirit, the Universe, higher-self and still others, the field of infinite possibilities and pure potentiality.

Ask and It is Given

You can change your life for the better at any time and take a quantum leap forward to experience only those wonderful things that at one time you didn’t dare imagine! “Ask and it is given” is a premise in the Law of Attraction which means we each have an awesome ability to attract fortuitous opportunities to us. The problems surface when we don’t understand the process in which we ask for things. Without the proper understanding we can just as easily create and attract the negative as the positive; it all depends on how we direct our focus.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but let’s get practical. How can I start living a good life now?” Excellent question! That’s my interest too. Mine is a coach’s perspective. The goal of coaching is to use whatever tools we have available to help us become happier and more fulfilled people in everyday life. My personal satisfaction comes from being a part of that process. I encourage you to stay open to these ideas that may be unfamiliar to you, and be willing to try new things just to see if they work. To question and explore is all that I ask of you, my dear readers. So let’s get started!

I hope you enjoy the posts in this blog!



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  1. regarding sadness and hurt from the actions of another…
    what would you consider a healthy view of this? If you acknowledge
    hurt or anger, are you attracting negativity back to yourself? If it
    goes unexpressed or unacknowledged couldn’t you just be storing this
    negativity within?

  2. Hi Robin,

    I’ll start with saying, no not at all. You won’t attract more negativity by acknowledging your experience. But, you can perpetuate the negativity if you continually focus on the negative or choose to be a victim to other people’s actions. What I mean is this, what you focus on grows. If you continually focus on how much other people hurt you, you’ll keep feeling that hurtful feeling. If you take responsibiltiy for your feelings and honestly say, “Hey, I don’t like that, that doesn’t feel good. Or “Ouch, that stung, don’t do that” you are simply being your most authentic self, and this is good.

    When you acknowlege the hurtful actions of another person, you are simply being honest and authentic with yourself. Listen to your heart in this matter for it is trying to tell you something . Sometimes your heart is trying to tell you what’s not okay anymore. In other words, it might not be okay with you that someone has been unkind, and it doesn’t feel good. Maybe it’s time to firmly put a boundary in place. And absolutely yes, allow yourself to feel your feelings and process them, so that you can then ultimately release them. Your emotional guidance system helps you determine what choices are best for you. If you stuff your feelings, you’re only practicing denial. You can hide them away temporarily, which causes more internal strife and they’ll surface again later and cause further turmoil.

    But ultimately, for your own good and for your own well-being, you must let the feelings go and move on. You may be perfectly justified in feeling hurt, angry or irritated with someone. Yet, we all must look at the high price we are paying internally for holding on to our anger. Forgiveness does not mean, ‘”What you did was okay with me.” It simply means, “I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions.”

  3. Here is a question I was asked recently by one of my readers and it’s one that many people ask me: With the law of attraction how do you really know what you want, what if its many things, or your not really sure? C.B.

    Here is my answer:

    I have found that many of my clients find it easier to write down what they don’t want than what they do. I suggest you take out a piece of paper and write down all the things you DON’T want to have, or experience, in your life. Give yourself plenty of quiet time to do this.

    Make a column on the left side of the page for this list of don’ts. Then, on the right side of the page, simply write down the things that are the opposite. Look at this new list and let yourself gravitate to those ideas that would feel really good to you. Then start putting your energy into them – and be as specific as possible.

    And, if it’s many things, that’s okay. You can wish for many things at once. I suggest you choose a few that top the list however, that have that special ‘wow’ factor, and focus your attention and action steps on these things. Or look at the list and determine what you can begin right now with relative ease. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you choose. Taking action on just ONE good thing will add a lot of happiness and productivity to your life.

    Good luck with it my dear readers,

  4. “Forgiveness does not mean, ‘”What you did was okay with me.” It simply means, “I am no longer willing to carry around pain in response to your actions.””

    Love that!

  5. Your thoughts will influence your action and your action will determine your life.

  6. You really have some nice posts on your blog. I have already added it to my favorite. I think I need to visit it more frequently. I liked the way you brought together these details on Law of Attraction. I found additional information about accelerating the law of attraction at http://www.abundanceattractionlaw.com/attraction
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    Love your blog.


  7. “The Law of Attraction states that we become and attract what we think about”

    Yes Christen, when I see the Secret Movie I thought this seems very natural, our mind are just programmed to get what we think about at the subconcious level.

    I was reading Bob Procter’s AttractionAccelerationReport and he further analyse the Law Of Attraction as composing of more basic Laws Of the Universe. For instance “the Law of Vibration” determines if things will happen in the right way, negative vibrations attract negative results, positive vibration attracts positive results.

    A free copy of Bob Procter’s report can be downloaded at

  8. That’s right! We might be wishing or hoping for something positive but if we are thinking or feeling in the negative, we stay in a negative place and perpetuate more negativity. Living an attractive and abundant life is A LOT about WHO we are being. In fact, we don’t simply attract what we wish and hope for, we attract based on how we are feeling, how we are operating and how we are showing up in the world.

  9. I just want to say what a fantastic blog this is, it has furthered my understanding of the Laws of Attraction and i shall continue with my positive road to success! Thanks alot! Love Lisa x

  10. I agree, Christen, we do live in very exciting times. It looks like the latest tecnology and timeless wisdom are coming together and pointing to the law of attraction as the way forward.

  11. [...] And to this point, I happened to find Christen Resmo’s blog The Law of Attraction and a post called What is the Law of Attraction?. [...]

  12. Many people succeed in manifesting something in their life. However the following day they are unable to manifest something else. It confuses them that they were successful with manifesting one thing but not the other.

  13. That’s true! Keep in mind, thought, that we’re always sending out messages with our thoughts, emotions and actions. It’s our predominant thoughts, aligned with our words and actions — empowered by our trust and belief — that win out over time. We DO intend for even negative things that we don’t think we want, but that we’ve given plenty of our attention to. Stay clear, focused adn intention on what you DO want and police yourself of negative feelings. This doesn’t mean you stuff them. Feel them but then release them.

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